A construction site is an unpredictable place where a little peace of mind goes a long way. When you work in an industry that relies on the productivity and reliability of heavy equipment, it’s critical to ensure you’re covered in case services and repairs are required. If you own equipment that’s out of warranty or you’re about to make a new or used purchase, consider the top four benefits of having a heavy equipment warranty:

  1. No Debilitating Repair Costs – Once you sign your name on the dotted line and take a piece of equipment off the lot, it’s yours. But when it’s covered by a warranty, you’re protected in the event the equipment doesn’t operate as expected or needs repairs. If you don’t have coverage and a primary component such as the engine, transmission or hydraulic system goes down, the repair costs on heavy equipment can compromise your budget and have a long-term negative impact on your bottom line.
  2. Reduced Downtime – When mission-critical heavy equipment breaks down, it can cripple job site productivity. Having a warranty helps you get back to work sooner to eliminate costly downtime. There’s no worrying over allocating the funds to pay for repairs as you head straight to the dealer for the prompt service and support you require. In some cases, heavy equipment coverage includes the cost of replacement equipment while yours is out of commission.
  3. Quality Parts and Service – Warranty work is performed on brand name heavy equipment at authorized local dealerships by highly-skilled mechanics trained to work on these specific types of equipment. Repairs are done right the first time, without having to endure long waits for availability, slow turnaround times and inaccurate diagnoses. When it comes to parts and components, you can rest assured you’re getting OEM quality, providing optimal fit, strength and durability.
  4. Maximum Re-Sale Value – Regularly maintained equipment kept under warranty for its entire service life has a higher overall re-sale value. It’s a clear indicator the equipment has been serviced properly and any and all issues were addressed by factory-trained technicians. Transferable coverage is an attractive selling point when putting equipment up for sale on the used market.


When you’re looking for the highest level of repair cost protection at a competitive price, our warranty is the solution. Crowley Machinery offers a full range of warranty options to fit your unique requirements. We provide standard and extended warranties on new and used heavy equipment as well as coverage plans for Allied manufactured equipment.

As the authorized heavy duty dealer for construction and agriculture equipment, we offer a variety of convenient locations to serve you throughout the region. When you partner with us, you benefit from peerless product knowledge and support before, during and after your purchase. Learn more about heavy equipment warranties and our world-class service capabilities. Contact us online today to request additional details.