20ft High Cube Container


20ft High cube shipping containers meet the challenge of providing extra cubic capacity where space is limited. Their versatile 20-foot length makes loading, access, and handling easy while their extra foot of height adds capacity to stack materials higher or stow tall cargo. In addition, 20-foot high-cube shipping containers can hold high-density products such as metal, ceramics, and dried grains while staying within weight limits.


Exterior                              Interior                     Door                      Capacity
Length: 20ft.                       Length: 19ft. 4in.      Width: 7ft. 6in.       Gross: 67,197 lbs.
Width: 8ft.                           Width: 7ft. 7in.          Height: 8ft. 4in.      Payload: 62,567 lbs.
Height: 9ft. 6in                    Height: 8ft. 8 in.                                     Tare Weight: 4,630 lbs.