20ft Refrigerated Containers


20-foot refrigerated shipping containers have factory-installed refrigeration units that provide the coldest temperatures and lowest humidity of all available container options. They protect food, chemicals, paper, and more from heat, mold, and condensation. Our 20-foot refrigerated shipping containers are versatile and easy to load, access, and handle.


Exterior                              Interior                                 Door                             Capacity
Length: 20ft.                       Length: 7ft. 5in.                     Width: 7ft. 6in.              Gross: 67,197 lbs.
Width: 8ft.                           Width: 7ft. 6in.                       Height: 7ft. 3ft              .Payload: 60,141 lbs.
Height: 8ft. 6in.                   Height: 17ft. 11in.                                                       Tare Weight: 7,055 lbs.