40ft High Cube Container


The 40ft high-cube shipping containers offer the most value in portable storage. Equipment fits easily into the 40-foot high-cube container, which features approximately the same capacity as a two-car garage. These containers are also best suited for shipping bulky lightweight cargo in a single container. In addition,

Buying from us means buying straight from the source. We have largest selection of  40-foot high-cube shipping containers ready for immediate purchase and next-business-day delivery. When more space equals more convenience,


Exterior                                  Interior                              Door                          Capacity
Length: 40ft.                          Length: 39ft. 4in.               Width: 7ft. 6in.           Gross: 67,197 lbs.
Width: 8ft.                              Width: 7ft. 7in.                   Height: 8ft. 4in.          Payload: 59,128 lbs.
Height: 9ft. 6in                       Height: 8ft. 8 in.                                                   Tare Weight: